Order Source Definition

The branded name for this order source Example: 'Shopify', 'eBay', 'Amazon Canada'.
Api Code used by ShipEngine customers for this order source @example "shopify", "ebay", "amazon_ca".
Indicates whether or not our system is allowed to send emails to customers.
Indicates whether or not this marketplace allows custom mappings.
Indicates whether or not the order source allows sellers to leave feedback on customers.
Indicates whether this order source allows for custom statuses on a seller by seller basis.
Indicates whether or not a user is allowed to configure their own timezone.
Indicates whether or not the order source has inventory levels.
      Id: 'undefined',
      Name: 'undefined',
      ApiCode: 'undefined'
      SendEmail: undefined,
      HasCustomMappings: undefined,
      CanLeaveFeedback: undefined,
      HasCustomStatuses: undefined,
      CanConfigureTimeZone: undefined,
      HasInventoryLevels: undefined,
      AccountConnection: {
          Name: 'Order Source Name Connection',
          ConnectionFormSchema, // Imported
      Images: {
          Logo: join(__dirname, '../../assets/logo.svg'), // Validate
          Icon: join(__dirname, '../../assets/icon.svg'), // Validate
      SupportedPackingSlipTemplateVersions: []