ShipEngine Connect

ShipEngine Connect powers the world's leading e-commerce solutions, including ShipStation, ShipEngine, ShippingEasy, and ShipWorks. ShipEngine Connect enables developers to integrate with all of these brands at once.

Whether you are a shipping carrier, an online marketplace, or another service provider, ShipEngine Connect makes it easy for you to make your services available within each of our world-class e-commerce solutions and gain immediate access to a worldwide user base eager to take advantage of your services.

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App Development Process

  1. Use our command-line tooling to automatically generate the scaffolding for your application.

  2. Implement your app using the tools you already know and love, like Node.js, npm, and JavaScript or TypeScript.

  3. Test your application locally using our CLI, and even debug it using your favorite JavaScript debugger, such as VSCode, WebStorm, or Chrome DevTools.

  4. Publish your app to ShipEngine Connect, and you will have immediate access to an entire ecosystem of e-commerce customers. Meanwhile, we will take care of hosting, scaling, and providing high-availability access to your integration application.

Types of Applications

ShipEngine Connect supports carrier apps and order apps, with plans to offer other types of applications in the near future.

Carrier App

If you are a company that provides shipping services, referred to as a "shipping carrier", you can build a Carrier Application to make your shipping services available within any of the suite of e-commerce applications mentioned above. This allows your carrier to be listed as a shipping option any time an order is placed and processed. Carrier API Reference.

Order App

A company that provides order management, such as an online marketplace, can build an Order Application to allow your sellers to import, manage and fulfill their orders using any of the products in the suite of e-commerce applications mentioned above.