Publishing Carrier Data

The carrier rating logic, rates, and zones data need to be published via Native Rating Service to be made available in production environment. Please note that connect publish pushes the data to Native Rating System and keeps it in an unpublished state. Unpublished data are only available in development environments, like DDEs, or via Native Rating Service with the special header: request-date: unpublished. Once rating logic and data are finalized and ready for production, the carrier data can be published in Native Rating Service.


Please contact the Native Rating team to publish your carrier data.



Once rates are published, they CANNOT be unpublished. There is a mechanism to re-publish the previously published data, however. The end result for live data is the same as unpublishing but the distinction is that if a request is made using the request-date header with the date and time that is within the window that the unwanted published data was available, those rates will still be served.