The Integration Definition DSL JSON is processed with a simple templating engine that supports variable substitution and some basic operations.

"name": "client_id",
"value": "{installation:client_id}"
"name": "refresh_token",
"value": "{result_token_response:refresh_token}"
"name": "redirect_uri",
"value": "{system:authorize_callback_url}"

Value Resolvers

The example above shows these templating expressions: {installation:}, {result_token_response:} and {system:}. A template expression is defined by a value enclosed in curly brackets {}. The value always contains at least one colon :. The part before the colon identifies the Value Resolver. The part after the colon is a parameter passed to the Value Resolver.

A value resolver is a component in the templating engine that can look up or compute data. The simplest value resolvers in the platform simply use the RHS to point to a property.

{auth_state:Auth State
{result_token_response:Result Token Response